Tip Top Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1 Pack


Ingredients: Surfactant, deodorant, bacteriostatic agent



Tip Top Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

cleans, freshens, disinfects w/ every flush
Helps prevent tough stains and mineral deposits from accumulating. Helps keep toilet rings from appearing. Lessens need to scrub your toilet bowl.

Includes 8 tablets per pack with protective film

Net Weight: 0.5kg

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Surfactant, deodorant, bacteriostatic agent


For Best Results in Everyday Use:

  • 1. Initially clean/scrub toilet bowl thoroughly, including the area under the rim.
  • 2. Open the tank and flush the toilet. When water level in the tank is low, drop one tablet (do not remove the protective film) near the side wall, away from the water valve.
  • 3. One tablet will last 10-12 days. When tablet is completely dissolved, drop a new tablet.
  • 4. Deep clean/scrub toilet bowl once in a while.